Joe Javascripts Machine learning Tutorials
A group of Machine Learning examples in as easy a javascript format as possible

The main github for these pages is at:

Following is the main list of examples: (Each example page should eventually end up with a corresponding video.)

  • jj01-functions.html
  • jj02-basics.html
  • jj03-general.html
  • jj04-quadratic.html
  • jj05-matrix-math.html
  • jj06-squeezenet.html
  • jj07-mnist.html

  • Link for the playlist at

    Remember to link to the playlist as individual videos may be change as functions get deprecated

    Most of the examples are in the following format:


    Deeplearnjs DOCS at
    Terminology at
    1. unordered-curriculum-links/
    2. Crowd Curriculum Machine Learning Link
    3. Unordered-javascript-examples/deeplearnjs-examples/tensors/tensors.html
    4. squeeznet04.html
    5. my API browser checker
    6. test.html

      Still in testing mode from P5-deeplearn-js
    7. P5 LSTM_1
    8. P5 LSTM_2
    9. P5 MNIST Awesome Machine Learning Notes at
    10. Interesting set of deeplearnjs slides at

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