Joe Javascripts Machine learning Tutorials
A group of Machine Learning examples in as easy a javascript format as possible

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Since Deeplearnjs became Tensorflowjs. This site is no longer active, Follow the link above to the active site and webpage.

The main github for these pages is at:

Following is the main table of examples:

Web Page Video Deprecated at Version
jj01-functions.html video 0.6.0
jj01-functions-updated.html Not Maintained now is TensorflowjsActive
jj02-basics.html video 0.6.0
jj03-general.html video 0.6.0
jj04-quadratic.html video 0.6.0
jj05-matrix-math.html video 0.6.0
jj06-squeezenet.html video 0.3.13
jj07-mnist.html video 0.6.0
Deeplearnjs Version 0.5.0
jj08-htmlPrint.htmlNot Maintained now is Tensorflowjs
jj09-extendTensor.htmlNot Maintained now is Tensorflowjs
jj10-xor-neural-network.htmlNot Maintained now is Tensorflowjs
jj11-mean-square-difference.htmlNot Maintained now is Tensorflowjs
jj12-knn.htmlNot Maintained now is Tensorflowjs

Note: This folder has the active work that I am presently trying to get working on Github

Link for the playlist at

Remember to link to the playlist as individual videos may be change as functions get deprecated

Most of the examples are in the following format:


Deeplearnjs DOCS at
Terminology at
  1. unordered-curriculum-links/
  2. Crowd Curriculum Machine Learning Link
  3. Unordered-javascript-examples/deeplearnjs-examples/tensors/tensors.html
  4. squeeznet04.html
  5. my API browser checker
  6. test.html

    Still in testing mode from P5-deeplearn-js
  7. P5 LSTM_1
  8. P5 LSTM_2
  9. P5 MNIST Awesome Machine Learning Notes at
  10. Interesting set of deeplearnjs slides at

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