Version 0.0.5

Edge Impulse as Seen by Jeremy Ellis aka @Rocksetta

  • shower-sounds/index.html The shower sounds model is proof that Edge Impulse exported WASM works on Github. (WASM is Web Assembly language. It is very fast and can be loaded using Javascript)

  • blog01-group-data-collection.html

  • crop.html Test Croping image data using fake integer data

  • basic-webcam.html

  • grayscale-webcam.html Working on this

    Multi-object. Still needs some work to speed up

  • edge-models/mult01/index.html Testing multi object detection not presently working

  • edge-models/horse-pen-unknown/index.html Multi-object detection horse pen unknown

    Single object detection Working fine

  • anger-contempt-fear-happy-sadness-surprise/index.html From Dhruv Sheth. Not yet allowing any webcam data

  • edge-models/test-anger/index.html This might allow different sizes of models

  • edge-models/paint-brush-or-tube-0f-paint/ My Generic model

  • edge-models/topleft-topright-bottomleft-bottomright/index.html More testing. this time the location of an object

  • edge-models/pen-cup/index.html This one determines if the web cam sees a pen or cup. No other choice.

  • edge-models/arijit/index.html

  • edge-models/wink/index.html Testing a a comp[uter can tell if you are winking.

  • edge-models/pen-cup-unknown/index.html New version trying to simpilfy the webpage

  • edge-models/music/index.html This might play some sounds. Check your volume

  • edge-models/x/index.html For our car just playing sonds. x line or triangle

  • edge-models/painting/index.html A youtube video here explaining it

  • edge-models/bananas-mass/index.html Testing regression model to determine mass of a banana

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...